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The origins of 100 Black Men of America, Inc. are found in the dedication of a few distinguished men, who came together in New York City in 1963 to empower African American and minority communities, invest in youth development, and dispel negative images of African American men.

Among these founders of the modern day 100 Black Men movement were the Honorable David Dinkins (former Mayor of New York), Andrew Hatcher (Associate Press Secretary to President John F. Kennedy), The Honorable Livingston Wingate (New York State Supreme Court Justice), Jackie Robinson (American Major League Baseball Star), Robert Mangum (youngest Deputy Police Commissioner in New York City), J. Bruce Llewellyn (prominent African American Businessman) Cyril deGrasse Tyson (Sociologist and Father of noted Astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse)and William H. Hayling, M.D. (Founding President).

The Prince George’s County chapter of the 100 Black Men of America, Inc. was founded on December 15, 2012. We provide community empowerment programs based on our four guiding Mentoring pillars of Education, Health and Wellness, Economic Empowerment, and Leadership.

Mission Statement

The 100 Black Men of Prince George’s County strives to provide caring and transformative leadership and mentoring guidance that encourages, engages and challenges African -American youth and young adults to exceed their personal expectations.

Vision Statement

The 100 Black Men of Prince George’s County will be the leading provider of caring, inspirational and empowering mentoring services that provide a strong foundation of support for African -American youth and their families in Prince George’s County.

What We Do

Mentoring is the platform the 100 uses to deliver our programs. Four For The Future represents the four areas in which the 100 delivers their core programmatic initiatives. These program focus areas are designed to inspire youth, their families and members from the communities in which they live to develop self-reliance, to achieve immediate and long-term goals and to strive for excellence in the following areas:
We consider the transformation of education as one of the critical civil rights issues of our time; and staunchly believe that all youth, regardless of race and socio-economic status, must have access to quality education to become ready to compete in a global society. Knowledge is power if you have access to it and can properly apply it. Our network of 100 Black Men Chapters provide student support and wrap-around services to help youth achieve successful grade level advancements, on-time graduation from high school and post-secondary institutions, and realize their educational, personal and professional goals.
The 100 focuses on the well-being of the whole person: physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual through initiatives that: 1) raise awareness of health disparities and solutions; and 2) provide access to health care and wellness information that promote behavioral changes that result in healthier lifestyles, good nutrition, regular physical activity, and full ownership of one’s health. The 100, through its Health and Wellness Committee, works with other synergistic organizations to develop strategic partnerships to raise a collective voice to help increase awareness and provide health education to mitigate chronic conditions and diseases that plague the African American community.
Our economic empowerment programs and initiatives foster financial literacy, career development, financial planning, investment management, and fiscal responsibility at an early age. Exposing our youth and collegiate students to the skills, strategies and mindset of entrepreneurship also provide beneficial, transferrable knowledge that will help to establish a firm foundation from which they can later build upon for business development and wealth creation. The words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. resonate as profoundly today as they did in 1967 when he declared, “The dignity of the individual will flourish when the decisions concerning his life are in his own hands; when he has the means to seek self-improvement.”
Leadership Development and the cultivation of our next generation of leaders is a worthwhile investment. Many of the members in our network of 100 Black Men Chapters are leaders of other organizations on local, regional and national levels. These men serve as trailblazers and role models for the youth of today who will assume their positions tomorrow. By example and through leadership training, our members work tirelessly to help empower mentees to build character and create hope, aspirations, plans, and futures. Our motto, “What They See Is What They’ll Be®” is epitomized in the servant leadership of our members.

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