100 Pathways to Success

100 Pathways to Success

Program Description

There is an increasing need for talent development and career readiness among disenfranchised and disconnected students due to 1) deficiencies in business acumen and competencies for those entering the workplace and 2) lack of sufficient readiness and skills development for entrepreneurial careers and business ownership.

Our 100 Pathways to Success program curriculum was designed in partnership with financial experts from our program sponsor Wells Fargo. The 16-week comprehensive curriculum provides students the soft skills needed to be successful in their future careers. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Wells Fargo, each student is given a $150 stipend for participating in the program and can win our “Shark Tank” competition with an award of $3,000 to help launch their future careers or small business.

The goals and objectives of the Pathways to Success program are to

  • Increase the talent development and career readiness
  • Increase the business acumen and competencies for participants in preparation for the workplace and marketplace
  • Expand the participants’ awareness of corporate and entrepreneurial career pathways & provide skills development training and coaching