100 Pathways to Success

100 Pathways to Success

Program Description

The 2022 Pathways 2 Success (P2S) program kicks off on October 17, 2022 and runs yearlong each Monday from 5:30p-7p. The weekly tutorial of the program is on hiatus during June, July and August, when we will be taking the students, who have earned the privilege to participate, on supervised field trips to the National 100 Black Men of America Annual Conference in June, a culturally enriching trip to New York City in July and a historic walking/riding tour of all of the African-American contributions to Washington, DC’s rich cultural, geographical and architectural landscape in August.


The P2S program is a highly intense and specialized program geared toward high achievers. The programs goal is to pour into a gifted group of young men and women to help them to realize their fullest potential by introducing them to people and resources that their mentors have cultivated over a lifetime of successful business careers, practices and relationships. Therefore, to qualify for the P2S program the successful applicants, 25 in total and a waiting list once we reach maximum participation, must possess the discipline and stick-to-itiveness to balance the navigation of the program along with the other realities of their lives. The program will not compromise its’ standards and as such participants focus, attentiveness and full engagement are not only required but will also be constantly evaluated by the mentoring team. A $50 non-refundable application fee with resume, headshot and parent or guardian permission is required for the P2S committee to evaluate the applicant.


There is an increasing need for talent development and career readiness among disenfranchised and disconnected students due to 1) deficiencies in business acumen and competencies for those entering the workplace and 2) lack of sufficient readiness and skills development for entrepreneurial careers and business ownership.


Our 100 Pathways to Success program curriculum was designed to stimulate the growth of our students economically, civilly, socially and the development their business acumen.


The goals and objectives of the Pathways to Success program is to:

  • Increase their talent development and career readiness.
  • Increase the business acumen and competencies for participants in preparation for the workplace.
  • Expand the participants’ awareness of corporate and entrepreneurial career pathways.
  • Provide soft skills development training and coaching.
  • Develop critical thought analytical skills to make sound judgements in the marketplace and life.
  • The importance of dressing for success and being well groomed.
  • Building vocabulary and the proper use of said vocabulary.
  • Proper pronunciation, annunciation and diction.
  • Building business confidence.
  • Understanding social justice issues.
  • Meeting, first hand, the power influencers of business, politics, medicine, entertainment and social justice.


Please click on the link to fill out the application and send all other related information to the email below.


**Parental support of the applicant is critical and required for the success of the student and the program! We look forward to your continued involvement.