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100 Black Men of Prince George’s County, Inc. is pleased to offer ten $1,000 scholarships to students pursuing higher education. Students must be either graduating seniors or matriculating undergraduate students who are residents of Prince George’s County Maryland or mentees of the 100 Black Men of Prince George’s County. Successful candidates for the scholarship program must be bound for four-year colleges/universities, junior/community colleges or trade/vocational schools. Applicants must be pursuing degrees in STEM with a strong preference for student pursuing Computer Science related fields.


  • High school students must have earned a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 and demonstrate the commitment to pursuing continued academic achievement post high school (applicants must provide copies of official transcripts to support this declaration).

  • Current college students must have earned a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 during their college tenure(applicants must provide copies of official transcripts to support this declaration).

  • Applicants must provide the following:

    • A completed application (attached). Application are due June 7, 2019.

    • One letter of recommendation: the first from an educator who can speak to the applicant’s academic achievement and commitment to post-secondary educational pursuits or can speak to the character of the applicant.

    • Copies of official high school transcripts for high school seniors or official college transcripts for current college students.

    • An essay including any two of the following topics. Essays should be no more than 200 words per topic.

      • Describe the traits of a leader. Of these traits, describe those that fit you best and why.

      • Define character. Describe the importance of the role of charter in your personal goal.

      • Share a time you had to overcome an obstacle to achieve a goal.

      • If you could develop a technology that addresses an issue of concern to the world what would it be?

    • High Quality Photo of passport size or larger to be used in future 100 Black Men of America publications.

Successful candidates will be notified by June 19th. Students should be prepared to provide letters of acceptance from their institution of choice upon notification. Scholarships will be sent directly to the institution through the respective Educational institution’s Bursars Office. Grantees will be expected to participate in the 100 Black Men of Prince George’s County’s annual scholarship reception and will be required to facilitate seminars for current mentees on college readiness and success.

*For additional information please contact Frank Thornton at