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"Project SOAR Sponsored by Coca-Cola Grant"

Mentees Get Paid $$$ for Good Grades

Project SOAR (Student Opportunities, Access and Readiness) will expand The 100's Success Academy via the Virtual Mentee Curriculum, leverage technology for virtual training, and compensate mentees for good grades. Our goal is to help our mentees achieve successful grade level advancement, on-time graduation, and realize their educational, personal and professional goals. For more information, please contact program coordinator, Al Corbett

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What will be taught?

The five (5) modules of the 100 Success Academy will be presented. These include mentoring, education - the great equalizer, health & wellness, economic development, and leadership development. A mix of proctored virtual training and group meetings will be utilized.

When & Where?

Project SOAR will meet in person four (4) Saturdays Spring of 2019. Current plans are to meet at Keller Williams, 1441 McCormick Drive, Suite 102 Upper Marlboro, MD 20774. Virtual sessions will be scheduled during the week to further review the course materials.

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